Exposure to Diversity

Suryadatta has a multicity, multinational and multicultural perspective. Students from different campuses interact and gain a thorough understanding of diverse consumer bases of the different economic and social geographies. This is ensured with a structured student' events and Market Connect Initiatives..


Pre Placement Programme

Pre Placement programme is normally scheduled for final year students. Topics such as personal introduction, CV writing and presentation, Techniques of Facing interviews, Group Discussions, How to score well in Aptitude tests and Frequently Asked Questions, are covered in such programs.


Business Simulation Games

Suryadatta believes in innovative learning. Our aim is to produce leaders for tomorrow in every sphere of human activity, leaders who will determine and define how the businesses should be done in the future. Our emphasis is on innovative learning which we achieve through unique teaching and value imparting style. To support this philosophy of Suryadatta, we organize business simulation, management games for our budding managers.


National HR Summits

Suryadatta in association with All India Management Association, AIMA, conducts National HR Summit with various National and International companies and Institutes participating in the same


National Management Quiz

Suryadatta gives utmost importance to events and current affairs of the corporate world. Students and Faculty are encouraged to pro-actively participate in National and International Seminars, Conferences, Quiz Contests and other events open for candidates from management and professional courses.


Personality Development Sessions

Suryadatta espouses the firm belief that a genius is not born but created, so long as the right conducive environment is nurtured. In keeping with this belief, Personality Development Sessions are conducted for the students to unleash their latent talents and to inspire them in recognizing, tapping as well as utilizing their full potential.

One such, seven day comprehensive Soft Skills Program is organized every year for the students. It comprises modules such as developing success skills in the corporate world, business etiquette and power grooming, public speaking as well as presentation skills. Corporate Trainers and Motivating Presenters of International repute conduct these sessions filled with motivating lectures, inspiring quotations, life transforming stories, impressive role plays and enlightening video clips reflecting individual performances. Students found these sessions novel, informative, inspiring and motivating, giving them practical insights and helping them attune themselves to the demands of the Industry.


Out Door Management Training, OMT

OMT is a unique training program designed for students where the focus shifts from the classroom to life skills in the very the lap of Mother Nature, a master teacher Herself. Through OMT, a series of adventure and daring experiences such as trekking, rappelling, rock-climbing, canoeing, star gazing and camping making do with bare essentials are conducted, aimed at building leadership skills, teamwork abilities, decision making skills, crisis management skills. This indeed contributes to the holistic development of the student.

During such programs, the students learn practically, in an outdoor environment, all the managerial skills of team building, SWOT analysis and goal setting, making them ready for surviving and flourishing in the corporate jungle.


Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships are given to meritorious students and high-level achievers drawn from the Staff in both the teaching and non teaching categories. The Swami Vivekananda Trophy is awarded to the Best Out-going Student from each Institute of the Suryadatta Group. The Late Shri Bansilalji Umedmalji Chordiya Trophy is awarded to the Best Staff member of each Institute of the Suryadatta Group, in recognition of their outstanding performances.


Teachers Day

Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Teacher Par Excellence, whose birthday, September 5, is commemorated by the Nation as Teachers Day, assumes special significance at Suryadatta. Teachers Day is celebrated with great zeal at Suryadatta and its array of Institutes, in day-long meaningful, thought-provoking and entertaining programmes. Students felicitate teachers to display their gratitude on this day.

Inter Collegiate Competitions

Our students actively participate in various academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, industry based, cultural and sports related competitions organized by various colleges and management institutes in Pune. They have been among the top ranking performers in all these activities. They also participate in the best placement brochure, best summer project, best programmer and other such competitions.


Sports & Fun Activities

Students at Suryadatta are not only focused on academic activities as is evident, but also enjoy other aspects of life by indulging in sports, trekking, outdoor and fun activities. This not only acts as a welcome diversion from the rigors of theoretical class room sessions but also aims to unearth the latent talents and skills of our students.

Every year, on the occasion of the Suryadatta Foundation Day, February 7, we organize memorable week - long celebrations. During this week, various events such as Sports, Fun Games, Fine Arts and Performing Arts, Crafts, Cookery Competition and Cultural programs are organized. The gamut of activities is to ensure that every student comes forward to participate in and showcase at least one sphere where they can contribute confidently.

Educational & Cultural Exchanges

Pune is considered as the seat of education since historical times. Leading national and international stalwarts have shot into lime light from this city. With the global reputation that it has, several students from various parts of the world choose Pune as their preferred destination for higher management education. These students have chosen various colleges and institutions in and around Pune as per their individual choice of Course and Institution, besides the admission opportunities based on their academic qualification and performance. We have formed a Center for International students, the Suryadatta International Educational and Cultural Centre, SIECC where members of various International students associations come together and share a common platform for exchange of ideas and experiences. SIECC facilitates these foreign students to exchange cultures and also give an opportunity for Indian students to interact and understand a variety of ethnic and foreign culture.


Cultural Programs

On the occasion of the Suryadatta Foundation Day and Teachers Day, students are not only given an opportunity to exhibit their latent talents and put up cultural performances, but are encouraged and empowered in organizing the entire event right from managing auditions, selections, drawing up the program, inviting the guests, anchoring, hospitality and other related activities.


Exhibitions & Events

Suryadatta regularly participates in various exhibitions and events. During these events students are given an opportunity to showcase their skills of planning, organizing and team work. A large student community was faciliated during these exhibitions through various career options available to the young generation. The students were exposed to the various disciplines being offered by the Institutes. Suryadatta with its faculty members and student volunteers contributed to this initiative of popular publication Sakal.